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Addison Foundation's First Post!

Hello to all of our readers! We here at the Addison Foundation are excited to get our website up and running. We wanted to hop on to explain who we are and what our mission is for this non-profit. In the upcoming weeks you will get to learn more about each of our founding members and why our mission is important to each of us.

Every one of our founding members has either suffered a loss or has has a family member that has suffered a loss. There is a lot of misinformation and lack of information out there in regards to infant loss, its that lack of information that drove the President of our organization to start a non-profit.

We here at the Addison Foundation would like to build a community of moms, dads and other family members that have experienced a loss. A loss effects the whole family not just the parents. Covid has really stifled our efforts but hopefully soon we will be providing education, grief counseling and gift baskets to families that have suffered a recently loss. Our passion and hearts desire is to reduce the numbers of families that have to experience a loss like this and provide support to families that have already suffered.

We look forward to helping the Tampa Bay community!

Addison Foundation Team

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